The Adventure Supply Kit


The Adventure Supply Kit was my thesis project that I created at the end of my undergraduate studies at the University of San Francisco. I designed it with the hopes of aiding, inspiring, and entertaining someone as they set out on an adventure of their choosing. We are able to see anything and anywhere in the world today with the tap of finger, so I wanted this kit to remind us what it's like to go out with just some simple items in our bag and let experiences happen to us. I hoped it could rekindle that childhood curiosity and spirit of adventure within viewers, to encourage them to look more closely at the world around them, and to inspire them to go out and have an adventure, big or small, and discover somewhere or something new. 

The kit contains: 

  • a pad of draw-your-own-map paper

  • a compass

  • guides for navigation and wilderness knowledge

  • a first-aid kit

  • matches

  • built-in compartments and jars for collecting specimens along the way

  • a plant press

  • binoculars

  • a calendar

  • a series of blank journals for recording thoughts, sketches and progress

  • postcards

  • a disposable camera

  • a magnifying glass

  • pencils

  • a deck of cards

  • a world map

  • a constellation chart

  • a series of books by historical explorers for inspiration and entertainment on the road


The Adventure Supply Company


The Adventure Supply Company (shop is currently on hold) is an online paper goods shop created in 2015 in collaboration with Lena Selzer. After the success of the Adventure Supply Kit, I wanted to find a way to share these "supplies" with real people. We started small with the goal of producing high-quality, locally-printed items with experiences built into them.  

Adventure Supplies:

  • The Expedition Log kit

  • Greetings Postcard Set

  • Wanderlust Postcards Set

  • Constellations wall print

  • Pin-Your-Adventures World Map