Paper + Goods shop

Also long overdue, I wanted to share the shop design I collaborated on with Paul Wagner, the Design Director at Princeton Architectural Press.

PAPress opened a second office on Warren Street in Hudson, NY last year, and left space for a small brick and mortar shop called Paper + Goods. In November Paul and I designed and arranged the space, and created a holiday window display for the season. I was really proud of the result! 

Go visit Paper + Goods if you're in Hudson at 204 Warren Street! 


From the archive: Posters

When I was a student at USF, I worked for three years at the Graphics Center, an on-campus, student-run design firm where we created promotional materials (of all sorts, but mainly posters) for organizations on campus. I actually owe my design career to this place; I started there barely knowing how to use illustrator and photoshop, and left as a Design/Art double major, and manager of the center. Thanks GC! Here are a few of my favorite posters I made during those three years: